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911 Center
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War Memorial Building

The Wetzel County E-911 center was built in 2009. It is 3,136 square feet with four offices, small kitchen, full showers, small storage room, Emergency Operations Center and 911 Center. Plans for building were done by E.L. Robinson Engineering and Associated Architects, Inc. Construction of building was done by R.C. General Contractors and overseen by Edgar W. Sapp Director. 

Wetzel County Commissioners during planning and construction:

  • Barbara A. King

  • Donald E. Mason

  • Robert L. Gorby

  • Scott Lemley

Mission Statement

Our mission at the Wetzel County E-911 Center and Emergency Management is to protect life and property of the citizens of Wetzel County to the best of our ability by constant training, using most recent technologies available, and answering each call with professionalism, integrity and compassion. We are the First of the First responders and we are always here and always ready. 


Wetzel County WV will utilize CodeRED Emergency Notification system. The CodeRED system provides Wetzel County officials the ability to quickly deliver messages to targeted areas or the entire County. NO ONE should automatically assume his or her phone number is included, please follow the link above to the CodeRED enrollment page. All business owners, those with unlisted phone numbers, those who have changed address or numbers within the last year and those who use cellular or VOIP phones as their primary number should register through the enrollment site. Anyone who wishes to receive the communications to a cell phone as well as a home phone will need to register a home address associated with the cell phone number through the enrollment site. Enroll Now


Q: Why was my address changed?

A: By participating in the Statewide Addressing & Mapping Project, counties are responsible for making sure that all residential & commercial structures are addressed in accordance to modern public safety addressing standards.

Q: Why did my house number change?

A: First and foremost – for public safety reasons. The USPS is phasing out its use of HC and RR style addresses and adopting the physical style address system. When there are problems with an existing city-style address that could create confusion for emergency responders, the structure in question will be readdressed. If there are multiple problems on a given road, the entire road may be readdressed. These problems may include, but are not limited to: house numbers that are out of sequence duplicate house numbers addresses that include ‘A’s & ‘B’s added to the same house number odd & even house numbers on the same sides of the street.

Q: Why was my road named?

A: If a shared driveway meets the criteria as outlined by county ordinance, then it will be named and the homes accessed from it will be addressed off the new road.

Q: Why is there such a large gap in between my house number and my next-door neighbor’s?

A: Newly addressed roads are assigned numbers using a 5.28 foot interval system, which allows for 1,000 addresses per mile (500 odd numbers & 500 even numbers). This interval system provides a means for emergency responders to quickly calculate the location of an emergency caller.

Q: How does the new address affect my mail?

A: If you receive home delivery, you will have approximately one year to update all correspondence to the new address. If you have a PO Box, your mail will not be affected.

Q: Do I have to pay for a new Driver’s License or Registration?

A: No. Residents are not required to get a new license, but they are required to notify the DMV of their change of address. This can be done, at no cost to the resident, by completing the WV DMV’s Change of Address Form. This will update all driver’s licenses, titles, registrations and handicap placards in the DMV system and can be done in person at a local DMV branch or via mail. The form is available for download at: WVDOT

Q: Do I have to get new checks?

A: No. You should be able to use up your current checks within the one year transitional period mentioned above.

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