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Courthouse Hours

Monday                    9AM – 4:30PM

Tuesday                    9AM – 4:30PM

Wednesday             9AM – 4:30PM

Thursday                  9AM – 6PM

Friday                       9AM – 4:30PM



Chief Deputy R. Hayes 
Sergeant R. Spragg 
Deputy E. Daugherty 
Deputy D. Howell 
Deputy D. Bickerstaff 

Deputy J. Swanberg

Deputy C. Elliott

Deputy B. Placer 

Deputy M. Owens 


Prevention Resource Officers
Corporal R. Adams 
Deputy D. Bordenkircher 
Corporal M. Bordenkircher 


Court Bailiff and Process
Court Officer C. Tennant 

Court Officer T. Glasscock

School Prevention Resource Officer

Hundred High School – Deputy R. Adams

Valley High School – Deputy D. Bordenkircher

Paden City High School – Deputy M. Bordenkircher

Sexual Offense Officer

Deputy E. Daugherty is the primary investigator of child sexual abuse for the Wetzel County Sheriff's Office. He has completed the Finding Words education training. Deputy E. Daugherty and works with the Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) and the Prosecutor's Office on child sexual abuse cases.  Please contact the Wetzel County Sheriff's Office, Prosecutor's Office or DHHR to report any type of child abuse or neglect.


Wetzel County Sheriff's Office


Prosecutor's Office


Department of Health and Human Resources


HSI Victim Notification Program

This link below is a universal resource locator for the HSI Victim Notification Program. This program allows eligible victims and witnesses to obtain reliable and timely information regarding a criminal alien's release from custody. However, victims and witnesses are required to register in order to receive notification of a criminal alien's release.

Weapons Permit

Special Events

Humane Officer

Deputy D. Bickerstaff is the Humane Officer for the Wetzel County Sheriff's Office. The Humane Officer investigates reports of animal abuse and neglect.