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Wetzel County Circuit Clerk

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Lori Wetzel McCoy

Circuit Clerk

Fax: 304-455-1069
Term: 6 years
Wetzel County Circuit Clerk
PO Box 263
New Martinsville, WV 26155


Jeffrey D. Cramer, Chief Judge

David W. Hummel

Courthouse Hours Effective May 18, 2020:

Monday         9AM – 4:30PM

Tuesday         9AM – 4:30PM

Wednesday   9A.M. – 4:30PM

Thursday        9AM – 6PM

Friday             9AM – 4:30PM

Information Provided by the WV State Agency Directory

The Clerk of the Circuit Court is elected in each county to carry out administrative functions and to act as record-keeper for circuit court actions in that county. The office of the clerk is authorized by Article 8, Section 9 of the West Virginia Constitution. The Circuit Clerk is an officer within the judicial system and plays a pivotal role in that system. The West Virginia Constitution establishes a hierarchy of administrative control that gives overall authority for the entire judicial system to the Supreme Court of Appeals. Local administrative authority lies in the circuit court, including the office of circuit clerk with regard to the clerk’s judicial functions but the clerk has autonomy to establish procedures and policies necessary to carry out statutory responsibilities. The salary range is $42,240 to $55,440 and is required to be full-time in Class I-V counties.

Jury Duty Notifications 


The Grand Jury consists of sixteen (16) members and meets the 2nd Tuesday of each term of court (January, April and September). The main duty of the Grand Jury is to hear criminal cases presented by the Prosecuting Attorney and decide if there is probable cause. It is not their duty however, to decide the guilt or innocence of an individual.



A Petit Jury in criminal cases determines guilt or innocence. A guilty finding must be by unanimous vote. Twelve (12) people are impaneled to sit on a criminal trial. A Petit Jury in civil cases decides between a plaintiff and defendant as to disagreements that have arisen between parties. They must also be unanimous in their decision. Six (6) people are impaneled to sit on a civil trial.

Petit Jury duty in the circuit court in the past has usually involved possible service during a period of one hundred twenty (120) days. Court is never held on Sunday and, unless extraordinary circumstances require, Court is not held on Saturday. Generally, Petit Jurors serve Monday - Friday. Court convenes at 9:00 a.m. each morning, recesses from noon until 1:00 p.m. for lunch, and adjourns at approximately 4:30 p.m. evening.


If you have been summoned to petit jury, before reporting to jury duty for the first time, please call the number printed on your summons after 5:00 p.m. the night before the indicated date on your letter, to determine if a trial is to be heard that day and further instructions.

The Circuit Clerk is responsible for the administration and management of the Jury System and provides jury panels for Circuit, Magistrate and Municipal Courts. The Clerk creates the master list of prospective jurors, randomly selects panels for attendance, qualifies and summons the jurors and monitors attendance and mileage for reimbursement purposes.

Circuit Clerk Links and Resources

WV Supreme Court

WV Regional Jail & Correctional Facility Inmate Search


Can I go to court without a lawyer?

Yes. The Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia states that you have the right to represent yourself in state courts. In fact, many people in West Virginia go to court without a lawyer. Some people cannot afford to hire a lawyer. Others decide that they would rather handle their legal problems on their own.

Should I go to court without a lawyer?

This is your decision to make. You may request a "Going Solo" booklet in our office that will assist you with representing yourself.

How do I file my lawsuit? Is there a form I can use?

A lawsuit begins with the filing of a written complaint in the court clerk's office. The Office of the Circuit Court Clerk may have some forms for the circuit court and has many forms for family court cases. You can go to the clerk's office, tell them what your case is about and they will give you the forms to fill out for your type of case. There is a small fee for the forms.

Do I have to pay to file a lawsuit?

Yes. The court will charge a fee to file your case. In family court cases there is a charge for the forms, but you may not have to pay those fees if you meet low-income guidelines. This is called a fee waiver. If you think you might qualify, ask the clerk to give you the Fee Waiver Forms to see if you are eligible to have the fees waived. This form and many other forms are available on the Supreme Court's web site at, or ask at your circuit court clerk's office.

How do I make sure I've done everything right?

The courthouse staff can not give you legal advice about your specific case, but they will answer your questions about how the court system works. If you decide that there is too much at stake or your case is too difficult to handle on your own, you can always contact and hire a lawyer.



Public information consist of only Civil and Criminal information. 


Copies $1 

Faxes $2



The Circuit Clerk's office is pleased to announce that we have joined a new electronic information service which will provide access to our computer docketing system. In cooperation with Software Computer Group, Inc., we have formulated an easily accessible link to our docketing system for anyone with a personal computer and a internet connection. The new service, Circuit Express, has been widely accepted by those firms accessing data from other Circuit Courts. If their experience is any indication, your firm may find Circuit Express a valuable addition to your office automation system. We are looking forward to the success that the other courts have had and hope that we can be instrumental in acquiring new subscribers of the service. We hope you will agree that Circuit Express offers an exciting alternative for accessing information regarding litigation in the Circuit Court.

For more information about Circuit Express or to sign up, Click here.

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