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County Sheriff - Tax Office

Michael L. Koontz


Brenda Scheibelhood

Chief Tax Deputy

Vici Tusic

Assistant Chief Tax Deputy

Penney Harrison

Tax Deputy

Mandy Placer

Tax Clerk

Rhonda Blake

Tax Clerk

Phone: 304-455-8218

Fax: 304-447-2055

Term: 4 years

Wetzel County Sheriff's Office Tax Division
200 Main Street

New Martinsville, WV 26155


Michael L. Koontz

Chief Tax Deputy

Brenda Scheibelhood

Courthouse Hours:

Monday                   9AM – 4:30PM

Tuesday                  9AM – 4:30PM

Wednesday             9AM – 4:30PM

Thursday                 9AM – 6PM

Friday                      9AM – 4:30PM

The Tax Office falls under the title of Treasurer of the County which is the responsibility of the Sheriff. The following are some of the duties and responsibilities of the Tax Office:

  • Mail county tax statements

  • Collect all county personal property, supplemental, and real estate taxes

  • Distribute taxes to all levying bodies

  • Prepare and publish delinquent tax list

  • Enforce and collect payment of delinquent taxes

  • Notify owners and lienholders of delinquent taxes

  • Distribute monies collected for redemptions from Tax Lien Sale

  • Process the license renewals for Class A and Class G Motor Vehicles

  • Collect and issue Concealed Weapon Permits

  • Balance all county accounts

  • Prepare monthly financial statements for all county accounts

  • Serve as Conservator for incompetent individuals

The Sheriff of the county serves as its chief law enforcement officer, charged with the responsibility of policing the county and keeping the peace, including the power to make arrests. A sheriff may not serve more than two consecutive terms. It is required to be a full-time position in all counties except Class X. In counties that operate county jails, the Sheriff has responsibility for administration of the jail and custody of the inmates. In addition to duties related to law enforcement, the Sheriff also serves as the Treasurer of the county and collects all taxes levied by the county. To assist the Sheriff in the performance of his/her duties, law enforcement deputies, tax deputies and legal process deputies may be employed. Correctional officers may also be hired in those counties which have a county jail. The salary range is $42,874 to $50,266 with additional compensation for tax collections not to exceed $15,000.


WV Senate Bill 552 changed the procedures for tax lien sales of delinquent real estate taxes. Please click here for more information.


When visiting the courthouse, you will be required to enter through the main entrance on Main Street. If you require the use of handicap accessibility, there is a handicap accessible entrance on the south side of the building on Washington Street. 

In addition, there is handicap parking available on Washington Street near that entrance.

Our courthouse is a secure facility. You will be screened by security officers upon entry. You will be required to go through a metal detector and remove all metallic objects from your pockets. Any packages or bags will be x-rayed. All firearms are strictly prohibited.

We will do our best to make your visit friendly and convenient.

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