The Tax Office can only renew licenses for Class A, Class G, and certain special Class A plates.

Insurance information must be filled out on the back of the renewal card before we can renew the licenses. The Tax Office does not have this information and cannot fill this out for you. It is your responsibility to provide this information.

Renewals can only be done in person. We do not renew license by mail. If you want to renew your license by mail, then you need to mail them directly to the DMV.

The Tax Office reserves the right to refuse to renew any license. This will only be done if we feel that it is in the best interest of the individual. We will not renew a license that will cause you a problem. We will advise you to go directly to the DMV.

You cannot renew your license if you have any delinquent personal property taxes.

There is a $1 additional fee charged for renewing license in the Tax Office.

Renewals must be paid with cash or check. Because of the convenience charge on credit/debit card transactions, we do not accept credit/debit card payments on license renewals.