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Wetzel County Courthouse


 “County government as we know it today in West Virginia originated with the passage of the Judicial Amendment of 1880.  The Amendment provided for a three-member, elective body;  removed most of the county commissioner’s judicial function except limited ones as in settlement of accounts and appointment of guardians and committees;  and retained the county court (now commission) with central authority in fiscal matters as its primary function.

West Virginia’s counties do not possess inherent rights of self government. They are under the State’s complete control as its creation; and their authority to perform even local functions is spelled out in the Constitution or by legislative enactments. In addition to members of the county commission, the elective officials are sheriff, assessor, prosecuting attorney, surveyor, county clerk and circuit clerk.”

—Richard Shelton 1913-2000
Founder of the West Virginia Association of Counties


When visiting the courthouse, you will be required to enter through the main entrance on Main Street. If you require the use of handicap accessibility, there is a handicap accessible entrance on the south side of the building on Washington Street. 

In addition, there is handicap parking available on Washington Street near that entrance.

Our courthouse is a secure facility. You will be screened by security officers upon entry. You will be required to go through a metal detector and remove all metallic objects from your pockets. Any packages or bags will be x-rayed. All firearms are strictly prohibited.

We will do our best to make your visit friendly and convenient.

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